Started in 2009 and named after the grandmother of its founder, Evangeline International exists to serve children, orphans and communities whose potential is compromised by the effects of extreme poverty.

We believe that children – no matter where they live – hold enormous potential for success when their basic physical needs are met and they are offered the love, support, and protection they need. Evangeline International is dedicated to nurturing this potential by implementing sustainable programs that allow impoverished children and communities to both generate and experience lasting success.

Evangeline gives 100% of all donations directly to our projects – we cover the administrative costs through the generous support of our corporate sponsors.

You can make a difference.

  • Evangeline gives 100% of all donations directly to our projects.

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  • Sweet Water Wells was created with one goal in mind: providing clean drinking water for children and communities without it.

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  • We would love to hear from you - your questions, ideas, hopes...

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