About Board SoulierAngi Soulier
Founder and Board Member

After graduating with a degree in Interior Design, Angi founded Tandem Design & Construction, inc. in 1998, which she currently owns and operates with her husband, a General Contractor. Aside from her professional career, Angi has always been touched by the plight of orphans and impoverished children and has sought out ways to make a difference in their lives. Inspired by a gift from her grandmother, Angi leapt into the non-profit world and founded Evangeline International in July 2009 in hopes of making a greater impact in the lives of children. “I feel so grateful to be at a place in my life where I can give – whatever I can – to help change lives.”

Angi and her husband have 2 children. They brought home their daughter, Jayden from China in 2004 and their son, Noah from Ethiopia in 2008.




About Board ZenderAngi Zender
Board Member

Angi’s professional career began as a legal assistant and paralegal. After 12 years in the legal arena, she switched to working as a home-based medical transcriptionist. She is now home full-time with her four children.

Angi has always had a heart for children around the world who suffer – whether it be from poverty, abuse or other trauma. She is thrilled at the opportunity to be involved with Evangeline International, supporting its vision of coming alongside impoverished and orphaned children to help them reach their full potential. Angi and her husband have two biological children, Chloe & Brayden, and in December of 2009 brought home their daughters, Birhanie & Keya, from Ethiopia.





About Board WentzelBrie Wentzel
Board Member

Brie has taught first grade at Evergreen Christian School since 2005. Over the years, Brie’s students have played a key role in her life, bringing her doses of laughter as well as insight. It was the influence of one of Brie’s former students that opened her eyes to the world water crisis. Her student told her in a matter-of-fact way that, “It’s important to share our money so that more kids can have clean water.”

Brie desires to see children around the world reach their full potential, and she recognizes that survival is a crucial precursor to success. She is thrilled to be serving children in practical and sustainable ways through Evangeline International and hopes to inspire others towards generosity the way her former student inspired her.

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