Completed Projects


Robit, Ethiopia

2 Hand-Dug Wells

Location: Amhara Region
Population: 11,000

Goshgedel – lat: 12.310517 long: 37.368975
Shewaye – lat: 12.313133 long: 37.357936

The bustling village of Robit is located in the Northwestern part of Ethiopia in the Amhara region. Robit is home to more than 11,000 people and is always a-buzz with activity. A year ago, there was zero access to clean water Villagers would walk to the only water source in the community- a river turned brown by the heavy amount of mud that it carries. In 2011, 53 water projects were completed there, giving Robit and the surrounding villages clean water for the first time EVER.  Evangeline International had the privilege of funding 2 Hand-Dug Wells in Robit, and we watch with anticipation as 11,000 lives are changed- renewed with the hope of a better future!



Tercha, Ethiopia

1 Spring Protection Development Project

Location: Southern Region
Population: 10,000

Mohamed Kere SPD – lat: 7.151028 long: 37.192750

The rural town of Tercha is located in the lush, Southern region of Ethiopia where over 44% of Ethiopia’s coffee is produced. Though it is isolated, Tercha is a lively town that has grown to a population of more than 10,000 in the past decade. Before 2011, Tercha had no access to clean water. Today 12 water projects have been completed there. Evangeline International funded one of the 9 Spring Protection Development projects in Tercha, providing clean drinking water for 250 people .


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