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Most of us will go through our day not worrying about where our next drink of water will come from – it’s a resource we often take for granted. But for nearly one billion people worldwide, accessing clean water is a daily struggle.  If you were a woman or a girl living in a country where access to clean water is a problem, you would walk an average of 4 miles every day to reach water, carrying a 40 lb bucket on your back.  This would be your routine every day.  No school.  No work.  Just walking each day to collect dirty water, full of bacteria and disease.  That dirty water, combined with poor sanitation, kills 3.5 million people every year – a child every 20 seconds. In Ethiopia, 46% of children under the age of five die from water-born diarrhea alone and 40% will never attend school.

These grim stats quickly became Evangeline International’s motivation for implementing our first project, the Sweet Water Wells project: providing clean drinking water for children and communities without it.  Through the SWW project, we tell the story of the one billion without clean drinking water, and then we engage those around us to join us in making a difference.


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Clean, safe, accessible water has the potential to change everything:  health, education, food supply, and economies.  That’s why CLEAN DRINKING WATER for children and communities is square-one for Evangeline International!   Just one well can provide a community of 250 people with clean water, renewing their chance at a better life.

We invite you to join us in making a difference!


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  • Sweet Water Wells was created with one goal in mind: providing clean drinking water for children and communities without it.

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